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History ~ XYZ Equipment Co.

Dr C. Dwain Ingram is a 1959 graduate of CMCC in Toronto. He first attended Dr J.Grostic's seminar in 1960. A charter member of NUCCA, he attended Dr R Gregory's first class and has attended many NUCCA seminars. He has been making x-ray carriages for many years. The latest model is the eighth prototype. It represents many design changes and modifications which have been tried and tested in actual use.

Dr. Ingram

The mechanical parts of our equipment are manufactured in a machine shop. This shop is in the final phase of achieving ISO 9000 certification. This international certification means that it is of the highest quality.

Built to Stand the Test of Time


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 August 7/2000
Dr. J C Krugelmas - "I am having a problem in aligning my current x-ray. Where do I start?"
Answer: Dear Doctor Krugelmas:
The best place to start is to get the booklet on aligning your x-ray from NUCCA. It is written by Dr. Marshall Dickholtz, Sr.. Our education as chiropractors does not include aligning an x-ray, but like many other practical skills, you should learn how to do this yourself. I once had a manufacturer install and align my x-ray frame. I paid him a large sum of money to do this and found that the tube stand was off plumb by three degrees.

I would suggest that you obtain the services of a skilled tradesman who does this for a living to help you. This expertise is found in a millwright, or someone who is skilled in lining things up.
• start from the bottom and work up
• be sure everything is at right angles and plumb
• the most accurate instrument to measure plumb is a plumb bob
• the plumb bob is an ancient instrument but to be trusted more than the most sophisticated electronic or other tool
• remember the square of the hypotenuse is equal to the sum of the squares of the opposite two sides, in a right angled triangle. This is how you determine square.

If you want more specific information, please ask.

 August 10/2000
Dr I Yokohama - "Is there an alternative to the anatometer? It is so expensive for the information which it gives."
Answer: Hi Doctor Yokohama
Doctor Cockwill has built a prototype which I have seen. It appears to be just what we are looking for - a good device at a very reasonable price. He has set a target date of completion for Jan 2001. I will keep you posted about anything new.

I am actively seeking, through the National Research Council of Canada, something more sophisticated for measuring the position of the body. There are some awesome ways of measuring body movement but one needs very deep pockets to get them. If there is a reasonably priced way to do this with laser or ultra sound I will post it on this website.

About ten years ago, we developed a four quadrant scale which I use every day in my practice. We were selling them at that time for $540 US dollars. If you are interested I can give you a current price.